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Silver Service 24x7 Taxi Melbourne is a corporation under the name of Silver Service 24x7 Taxi Melbourne, Inc. The company’s mission is to establish itself as a company that prides in providing superior customer service to its customers. We as a company, promise our customers with the reliable and timely cab service that is both safe and punctual. Silver Service 24x7 Taxi Melbourne is the pioneer in taxi services in Melbourne. We offer our valuable customers with a one-stop shop for ground travel needs. We pride ourselves on our (Number) years of experience and provision of quality service. Silver Service 24x7 Taxi Melbourne Inc. is one of the largest radio cab service providers of Melbourne. It offers efficient airport transport services with more than 400 taxi cabs.

We believe that taxi industry is still the same as it was a few years back. Our cab services are both for corporate and individuals in the vicinity of Melbourne. We offer cab services to and from Melbourne airport, Tullamarine airport, and Avalon airport. The Silver Service 24x7 Taxi Melbourne is, particularly for travellers. All those seeking a taxi to these airports shall contact us and we will be of good help to you. We excel at what we offer. Our cab services and taxi services are available to you within 10 minutes of booking. Additionally, if you are a traveler, entering into Melbourne or any of these airports; you do not have to worry. All you have to do is to look for our prestige cabs or taxis near you. We will take you to your desired destination safely and conveniently in our safe and fast cabs.

Besides, we have also developed an online portal. This online portal provides you with an opportunity to pre-book a taxi to Melbourne and make your reservations. We want to value our customers. Through this process, we demonstrate them how valuable our customers are to us. Our online portal makes cab bookings and taxi bookings as convenient and easy as possible. The pre-booking process provides the booked Melbourne cab’s number to the person booking the ride. In this way, we know the person who we are expecting at the airport to provide our premium service. The chauffeurs we hire are well-trained and duty bound. They know how to demonstrate professionalism and make sure to notify our good customers when they get to the Melbourne airport.

Only use Reputable Taxi Services

Silver Service 24x7 Taxi Melbourne has successfully built a solid reputation over the years and is well-known for its high standards of service. We are always finding new ways to improve our services and offer premium taxi services in Melbourne to our valued customers. You can contact us at our customer center and complain if we fail to reach the high standards that we have set for ourselves. We value the negative feedback. We rely on customer feedback and treat it as one of the drivers for growth. Before being appointed as a chauffeur, the applicant has to undergo a rigorous screening and training program. We also test the applicants for drugs. We want to provide a respectful environment to our customers. If you are looking for a fast and cheap taxi service to provide airport drop; identify with us. We pride ourselves on offering the most comfortable transportation to our customers. We want you to ride safely to your desired destination every time. We as a company place a high value on cleanliness. We ensure cleanliness and routinely inspection of all our vehicles. We offer top of the line fleet. Our chauffeurs are trained to operate in all areas of Melbourne. To make your journey comfortable, we provide fully air-conditioned vehicles. Our premium cabs are not only well maintained but also smoke-free.

Do you want your travel to be worthwhile? Are you looking for a stress-free trip and a comfortable ride? If it’s a big Yes, then you surely are at the right place. Our company will provide you with all of the above at affordable rates. Our premium cabs offer you a comfortable ride and are well-equipped with the latest modern technology. We offer free Wi-Fi services, to ensure you stay in touch with your loved ones wherever you go. A GPS and a navigation system are installed in our silver cabs to assist the riders. Moreover, all our cab services or taxi services are monitored 24/7. We want to facilitate our customers with a safe journey. You do not have to worry about any road obstacles. The moment you decide to become our customer, we treat you as our family member and ensure to make your life comfortable by traveling in our silver cabs and taxis. We regularly inspect our vehicles for maintenance and ensure that there is no vehicle breakdown during the travel. We have also set up our service stations and garage, where our premium cabs are inspected before the travel. The inspection of the vehicle at the service station is a thorough process. We have top cars for prestige taxi service. Our quality taxi fleet is inspected for brakes, lights, and tires. We are always ready to attend to any emergency services. To make your journey a memorable one, we provide you entertainment in the form of movies, video songs, and audio songs. We believe that worries shall be limited during the travel time and we believe it is our courtesy to make this happen.

There is another good reason to choose our cab services. We ensure that our services are readily available and that too at affordable rates to anyone who wants to identify with our company. We make sure that we offer best rates to all and sundry by offering the best cabs in Melbourne. Our rates are set according to the guidelines provided by Melbourne Public Regulation Commission. We have a taxi fare calculator and taxi fare estimator. The taxi calculator charges reasonable prices based on distances. We want to establish a relationship of mutual trust with our customers. We ensure that our customers are aware of our prices that are trustable and offer complete transparency. Our current pricing strategy takes into account any additional fuel charges and taxes that may be applicable. We believe in optimizing consumer satisfaction that is why our cheap taxi rates are to encourage people to identify with our company. We want our customer to establish a feel of what our services are like. Our customers are charged for a ride rather than a number of passengers. To make it economical for our customers, we encourage our customers to share the cost by traveling with their friends and families.

We also pride ourselves for our large growing base of customers from all spheres of life. These customers depend on us for airport pickups and transfers, and sightseeing tours. Our customers can be from any part of the world. They can belong to any social class be young, rich, poor, or old. We make sure that our customers know that ours is a service for all. This is also our way to gain the competitive advantage in the market.

We also render taxi services such airport transfers of the goods or belongings. Our customer can contact us on our online portal and by visiting our field offices for cargo booking. We provide timely transfers of the goods to your homes or any other destination. To avail our quality customer service all you have to do is identify with us and we will provide the best taxi service, unlike any other cargo service provider. We believe in making our customers happy. For quick and easy access to our services, a 24/7 call center has been established to answer all the queries regarding our customer service and for cab bookings. Our clients can also download our silver service 24x7 taxi app.

Call: +61 452 622 391

SMS: +61 452 622 391

Email: Book@silverservice24x7.com

Online bookings at: www.silverservice24x7.com

Accessible Taxi Ranks

Our silver cabs are easy to spot. Our chauffeurs have their identity cards displayed at their uniforms. We understand our customers are looking for secure travel. We ensure that our airport taxi ranks are open 24/7 and they feature 24-hour police presence and toilet facilities. Your safety and expediency are guaranteed by using silver cabs, Melbourne.

Timely Service

Our silver cabs, premium cabs, and luxury taxis are famous for their swiftness and punctuality. All our customers who want to make the most of their day need to pick up their phones and pre-book Melbourne cabs. Our convenient services are based on the professionalism of our drivers. Our chauffeurs are well-informed about the travel routes and are further added by GPRS technology. They immediately report any break-down and we ensure that our backup cabs and taxis reach your destination within a short duration. We provide 24-hour cab service in Melbourne.

Guaranteed Personal Security

Client’s safety is the first priority of Silver Service 24x7 Taxi Melbourne. Therefore, to ensure your personal security, we have installed security features in our silver top cabs, premium cabs, limo cabs, minicabs, and luxury cabs. The security features include applications such as location identifier system and GPS application device. Whether you pre-book a corporate service, a private taxi service, or travel services for other reasons, we are watching over your security at every point of your journey. We ensure you a guaranteed personal security as our traveler.

Customer Support

Silver Service 24x7 Taxi Melbourne promise you a reliable customer service. We have one of the top taxi fare websites. You can reach our customer care team by dialing our toll-free number, leaving a feedback at our website, or calling directly at our customer care office for any of the following reasons.

Reporting a reckless driver behavior.

Caught up in any emergency situation.

Report a break-down.

Report our services.

Although, emergency and break-down situations and incidences of commotion are very rare at the Silver Services 24x7 Taxi Melbourne, despite our customer support team is willing to help you anytime.

Special features for the physically impaired

We at Silver Services 24x7 Taxi Melbourne, always put your interest first. We offer special features for the physically impaired. We understand and realize the travel problems faced by physically impaired. Hence, we encourage you to become our clients if you are one. We will ensure best travel arrangements for you. We offer you top of the line fleet. Our silver cabs, premium cabs, and luxury taxis are all fitted with visual cues, wheel-chair allowance, and ramps to ensure your effortless travel. We do not want your travel plans to be halted for any reason. All of our cab services offer you door to door cabs in Melbourne. Moreover, you can pre-book our cabs on our online cab booking system and you no longer have to worry about walking up and about.

Communication Skills

Good customer skills are needed for every employee who has a direct contact with the customers. Customer skills require good communication skills, particularly in cab service industry. Melbourne cab service industry understands the value of developing good communication skills in all our drivers and employee team at customer support. Melbourne cab services feel pride in providing good experiences and making our customers happy and satisfied. Our professionalism is depicted through all channels be it airport transfers and pickups, taxis for travel, parcel booking, and/or customer care center. Our clients are always returning to us and telling their friends and families about our good customer service.

To continuously improve our customer’s service, we indulge our all new and existing employees and drivers in training workshops. These workshops are regularly held and are for a day. The aim of the workshops is to instill good communication skills in our all drivers and employees. The values that we encourage include the following:

Smile- a nice pleasant smile will come across friendly and motivates positive interaction.

Making the customer feel welcome- our drivers use appropriate greeting to welcome our clients and receive them at the airport.

Being an expert at what we do- we value our client’s time equally. Our drivers are well-informed about the features of the vehicle they are driving around, they know their routes well and ensure safe and secure travel.

Patience- we at Melbourne Cab services train our drivers and chauffeurs to be patientwith our customers and wait for them at the airports to ensure quality service.

Attentiveness- our customer service gives priority to its customers and is mindful and attentive to the customer feedback. Our drivers are attentive towards customers looking after their needs at the airport, e.g. carrying their luggage, offering the clients refreshments during travel, and ensuring their safety and ntertainment during the travel.

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SILVER SERVICE 24x7 TAXI is located in the heart of Melbourne offering a comprehensive range of transport services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We cover a broad area within the Melbourne and suburbs. Bookings can be made by phone, website or e-mail. We aim to give confirmation of booking within 15 minutes.

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